Karen Alcock and Rachael McNally are from MA+Co, a 12-person Melbourne-based practice working on a mix of residential, multi-res and commercial projects.

In this episode, Karen, Rachael and I discussed:
  • How the studio has fostered strong long-term relationships with developers, and their insights on ways architects can play a bigger and more impactful role in the development team.
  • Their approach to finding the balance between development budgets and the enjoyment of future occupants by concentrating on designing low-cost moments of joy into every space.
  • They reflect on their recent rebrand, and discuss the benefits of a website that is highly curated, both in terms of the number of projects presented, and the short memorable messages shown to visitors.
  • How the brand refresh allowed them to look inward, communicate what is important to them as a practice, and gain a professional external perspective on their values and strengths.
  • A close look at their recent Mori House, focusing on how commissioning two photography sessions of the one project allowed them to capture the house in both a raw form, and then as a lived-in home.
If you'd like to learn more about their studio, you can visit or follow them on Instagram at

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