Studio Bright

Mel Bright is the director of Studio Bright, a Melbourne-based practice known for creating enduring and responsive architecture for people and place.

In this episode, Mel and Dave discussed:
  • How she has translated her background in civic projects into the studio‚Äôs residential work, and the importance of investing in big ideas, even for small projects.
  • The small steps she has taken toward different project typologies, such as social housing, and how she strategically over-invests in projects that have the most potential to lead to similar projects.
  • The importance of creating a healthy and strong workplace environment and the positive impact that has had on staff retention, morale and culture within the practice.
  • The evolution of her Instagram account, from the early days of posting more personal photographs, to her thinking around sticking with one architectural photographer.
  • What work-life balance means to her, and how it has changed as her children have grown up and the fulcrum has shifted.
If you'd like to learn more about her studio, you can visit or follow the studio on Instagram at @studio__bright.

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Today's episode of Office Talk was edited and engineered by Anthony Richardson of Simple Dwelling Studio.
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