Panov Scott

Anita Panov and Andrew Scott are the directors of Panov Scott, a Sydney-based practice known for their approach to ethical, sustainable and innovative architecture.

In this episode, Anita, Andrew and Dave discussed:
  • How crafting personalised books about each of their projects has allowed them to form deeper relationships with their clients, better communicate ideas and articulate their values.
  • How being quiet on Instagram doesn’t translate to a quiet practice, and how they have spent the time off social media designing their business to suit their desired lifestyle.
  • The importance of ensuring that the perception of the practice, and how you communicate and engage with the community, is authentic to the personality of the people within the practice.
  • The evolution of architectural photography over their careers, and the photography trends from the early years of their practice they see re-appearing today.
If you'd like to learn more about their studio, you can visit or follow them on Instagram at @panovscott.

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Today's episode of Office Talk was edited and engineered by Anthony Richardson of Simple Dwelling Studio.
Panov Scott
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