Kennedy Nolan

Patrick Kennedy and Rachel Nolan are the directors of Kennedy Nolan, a Melbourne-based practice known for their approach to built form, contextual response and a close relationship with landscape.

In this episode, Patrick, Rachel and Dave discussed:
  • How they reject the negative associations around following design trends, and instead embrace the idea that their projects are reflective of their time and place, and will eventually date as tastes change.
  • How having a strong workplace culture that encourages having a life outside of architecture gives them the energy and inspiration to come up with new ideas.
  • The important considerations they make about the best way to photograph a project to enter into awards and media, and how to create images that will better communicate ideas to clients.
  • How the strength of their brand has helped them move into larger scale projects such as Nightingale Leftfield and a 16-storey hotel building currently under construction.
  • Why blurring the lines between architecture and interior design has helped their projects to feel more emotionally engaging, both in person and in images.
  • The value of being an active participant in award programs from the very start, and the positive impact winning an award for their first project had on their practice.
If you'd like to learn more about their studio, you can visit or follow them on Instagram at @kennedy_nolan.

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Today's episode of Office Talk was edited and engineered by Anthony Richardson of Simple Dwelling Studio.
Kennedy Nolan
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