Nielsen Jenkins

Lachlan Nielsen and Morgan Jenkins are the directors of Nielsen Jenkins, a multi-award winning architecture practice from Brisbane, Australia.

In this episode, Lachlan, Morgan and I discussed:
  • How the two directors combined their backgrounds in architecture and construction to create a practice with an emphasis on buildability, assembly, and doing things efficiently.
  • How the studio has developed a broad range of interdisciplinary service offerings that help their clients to achieve more within the constraints of their budget.
  • What the studio focuses on when developing a creative brief for their project photography; from capturing an honest and realistic view of the site, to tailoring their photography style to compliment the local climate, and stripping the images back to accentuate the big ideas behind each project.
  • How they structure their fees, project team, and staff resources to be able to do award winning work on small budget projects, while also having the capacity for larger budget projects.
  • Why the studio has developed a range of innovative first steps for new clients, such as a fixed fee concept package, a new client welcome pack, a waitlist and deposit system; and how these systems have helped them to see more projects through to the end and filter for better quality clients.
If you’d like to learn more about Nielsen Jenkins, you can visit You can also follow the studio on Instagram @nielsen.jenkins.

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Nielsen Jenkins
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