Eldridge Anderson

Scott Eldridge and Jeremy Anderson are the directors of of Eldridge Anderson Architects, a 4-person residential practice based on Victoria's Surf Coast.

In this episode, Scott, Jeremy and Dave discussed:
  • Why they front-load so much effort into the sketch design stage of the design process, resolving much of the project details at this early stage and presenting a single, fully fleshed-out design idea to their clients.
  • The benefits of slower, more mindful ways of practice like hand-drawing and physical modelmaking for refining clear design ideas, nurturing interest in and passion for practice, and injecting energy and momentum into the architect-client relationship.
  • The ongoing debate over whether architects should put their personalities and design process out there for the world to see, or take a big step back and let the work speak for itself and allow the public to interpret the work in their own way.
  • The idea of a less-but-better approach to marketing and communications, and why subtracting unnecessary elements and carefully considering what gets put out can give a practice a clearer and more potent brand identity.
If you'd like to learn more about their studio, you can visit eldridgeanderson.com.au or follow them on Instagram at @eldridge_anderson.

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Eldridge Anderson
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