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Jemima Retallack and Mitchell Thompson are the directors of Retallack Thompson, a Sydney-based architecture practice seeking to create timeless and enduring architecture, interior and landscape design. 

In this episode, Jemima, Mitchell and Dave discussed:
  • How to make the most of every project opportunity in the early years of practice, from realising that briefs and budgets will often expand and change from what clients present during the first meeting, to taking on smaller projects as a way to explore ideas, develop relationships or refine internal processes.
  • Why Jemima and Mitchell believe that percentage-based fees can create an appearance of conflict of interest that can harm the architect-client relationship, impact the client experience and reduce potential referrals.
  • The unexpected benefits of marketing to other architects; from valuable overflow referrals to collaborations with larger practices on public projects.
  • What Jemima and Mitchell learned about achieving work-life balance from their experiences working in leading practices earlier in their careers, and how they have structured their practice to maximise both the quality of their work and the time they can spend with their kids.
  • The negative influence Australia's real estate industry, with its emphasis on resale value, has had on the creative ambitions of residential clients. Jemima and Mitchell share how they encourage their clients to be brave with their homes, and worry less about future owners and more about their own enjoyment.
If you'd like to learn more about Retallack Thompson, you can visit or follow them on Instagram at @retallackthompson.

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