Katelin Butler of Architecture Media

Katelin Butler is the Editorial Director of Architecture Media, Australia's leading publisher for the built environment and the home of well-known titles such as Architecture Australia, Houses Magazine, Artichoke and architectureau.com. Before taking on the role of Editorial Director, Katelin was the Editor of Houses Magazine from 2011 to 2019, and established the highly successful Houses Awards program.

In this episode, Katelin and I discussed:
  • How the Architecture Media editors decide which projects belong in their magazines, and how they look beyond imagery and aesthetics to highlight projects that have educational value for the industry.
  • The role each magazine plays in the Architecture Media portfolio, and the quality-focused approach Katelin and her team take to ensure their titles are the most trusted sources of information in the industry.
  • The different approaches architects can take to engage with the media, looking at targeted vs broad outreach, avoiding busy times of the year, and the value of having patience and holding onto projects for thorough coverage and maximum impact, rather than rushing them out the door in a superficial way.
  • The importance of continuous engagement with editors earlier on in the project timeline, rather than the traditional model of shooting a finished project and submitting it to publications.
If you'd like to learn more about Katelin's work, you can visit architecturemedia.com to subscribe to their titles, or follow Katelin on Instagram at @katelinbutler.

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Katelin Butler of Architecture Media
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