Shaun Lockyer

Shaun Lockyer is the director of Shaun Lockyer Architects, a Brisbane-based practice focused exclusively on high-end residential work. Founded in 2009, the studio has grown to over 20 employees, and has been published in every major Australian architecture publication.

In this episode, Sean and I discussed:
  • The difficult and often uncomfortable relationship architects have with wealth, status and commercial success.
  • The psychology of high net worth residential clients, from their typical hobbies and interests, to their priorities for their projects and what they look for in an architect they can trust and relate to.
  • Why a track record for adding financial value for clients can be an important driver of positive word of mouth and build trust and credibility with clients.
  • Why Shaun believes architects who show their personal passions, hobbies, interests and values are much more relatable and trustworthy in the eyes of potential residential clients.
  • Shaun's media strategy for new projects, and why he prefers to reach a broad audience through digital publications and video channels like The Local Project rather than focusing on niche architectural magazines.
  • Why Shaun believes that the best time to promote your practice is when you don't have the capacity to take on more work, and how it helps convey confidence, objectivity and exclusivity.

If you'd like to learn more about Shaun Lockyer Architects, you can visit or follow them on Instagram at @shaunlockyer.

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Shaun Lockyer
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