Tribe Studio Architects

Hannah Tribe is the director of Tribe Studio Architects, a 20-year-old Sydney-based practice known for their playful and expressive approach to residential and community projects.

In this episode, Hannah and I discussed:
  • How she has designed her business to run efficiently and profitably, from a focus on gradual and sustainable growth to succession planning and delegation, and the hires she has made to help her focus her time on the studio's projects rather than administration.
  • Hannah's insights into how residential clients experience the design journey, from their initial sense of overwhelm to their enjoyment of the design process as an act of self-expression of their personality and goals for their lives.
  • Why Hannah believes that her studio doesn't have a house style, but instead a few key areas of interest that tie their projects together, and her thoughts on why some projects that embody these values tend to resonate more with potential clients than others.
  • How Hannah has approached public speaking in front of audiences of non-architects, and how speaking has been a valuable opportunity for her to clarify her thinking, engage with peers, and get the general public excited by design and creativity.
  • The difficulties small but experienced practices like Tribe face in winning government and public projects, despite their track records in other sectors, but how this is becoming easier as councils like the City of Sydney push for small practices to be included in public procurement processes.
If you'd like to learn more about Tribe Studio, you can visit You can also follow the studio on Instagram @tribestudio_.

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Tribe Studio Architects
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