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Pandolfini Architects Episode 70

Pandolfini Architects

· 01:02:29

Dominic Pandolfini is the director of Pandolfini Architects, an 11-year-old Melbourne-based practice known for residential and commercial projects that are strong in form and unsparingly detailed.

In this episode, Dominic and I discussed:
  • The importance of making careful choices about photography, branding, and the kind of projects you put out into the world during the early years of the practice when marketing resources are scarce.
  • Why Dom believes that short term marketing activities designed to generate leads quickly are a waste of time and counterproductive to attracting high quality projects and clients; and what he focuses on instead.
  • How the studio has achieved distinctive look and feel as a brand, while also being careful to avoid pigeonholing the practice or alienating potential clients from engaging with the work.
  • The new approach Dom is taking to photography to help the studio expand into high-end interior design media and potential clients.
  • Dom’s point of view on the current state of the residential market in Melbourne, and how poor market sentiment is creating risks that residential architects need to plan for.
If you’d like to learn more about Pandolfini Architect, you can visit pandolfini.com.au. You can also follow the studio on Instagram @pandolfini_architects.

Office Talk is hosted by Dave Sharp, M.Arch—an architectural marketing expert and the director of Office D.SHARP, a practice providing specialised consultancy, marketing and PR services tailored to meet the particular needs of architects. Working as a sole practitioner, Dave employs a collaborative, conversational approach to his work, fostering long-standing relationships that yield tangible results for clients.

Visit officedavesharp.com to learn more, or email info@officedavesharp.com if you would like to get in touch.

This episode was supported by our legendary sponsors. 
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