Nick Travers is a founding director at Technē, a 33-person architecture and interiors practice based in Melbourne, Australia.

In this episode, Nick and I discussed:
  • His insight into the approach and motivations of large scale hospitality clients, from their attitude to risk, their drive to find a unique point of difference for their venue, and how the studio manages healthy client relationships over the long term.
  • How the studio has made a strategic choice to avoid being pigeonholed in a particular style of project type, in order to make their business model more sustainable over the long term, relevant to long-term clients and able to weather changes in the economy.
  • The power of repeat business; how it drives 60% or more of their new projects each year and the benefits that come with that, as well as some of the risks and limitations repeat business can bring for studios as their offerings and pricing models evolve over time.
  • How the directors have developed their business acumen over the years, from early mentors to engaging consultants and executive coaches; as well as the studio’s plans for the future, including a fast-growing new office they’ve launched in North East Victoria.
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