Studio Prineas

Eva-Marie Prineas is the director of Studio Prineas, a 6-person residential architecture and interiors practice based in Sydney, Australia.

In this episode, Eva-Marie and I discussed:
  • How the studio attracts like-minded clients through a mix of clear and focused messaging, transparent values, repeat business and in-person events.
  • The strategy Eva-Marie has taken to selecting architectural photographers, and why she believes images with emotion, as well as a bit of mess and realism, make projects seem a lot more liveable and desirable.
  • Why Eva-Marie feels that high-pressure developer-led projects aren’t a viable avenue for her practice.
  • How Eva-Marie knew the time was right to employ a Practice Director, how the role has developed over time, and why she believes it’s important for her to free herself up to spend more time working on the projects.
  • How Eva-Marie has become more comfortable with speaking in public about her work and her practice, and how being engaged in the profession has helped her to grow as an architect and business owner.
If you’d like to learn more about Studio Prineas, you can visit You can also follow the studio on Instagram @studioprineas

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Studio Prineas
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