IF Architecture

Iva Foschia is the director of IF Architecture, a 4-person architecture and interiors studio behind many well known Melbourne retail and hospitality spaces including Marion, Cutler & Co, Jardan, Baker Bleu, Attica and The Prince redevelopment in St Kilda.

In this episode, Iva and I discussed:
  • The importance of setting and communicating clear boundaries for your clients, and why Iva believes it’s essential for architects to protect the value of their work and carefully track and charge for the time they spend on their client’s projects.
  • How Iva has broadened the studio’s process and presentation structure beyond what’s traditionally offered by an architect to give her clients comprehensive advice on topics such as leasing opportunities, operations, brand identity and more.
  • The benefits of working with hospitality and retail brands over the long-term, both in terms of the repeat business that comes as the client scales their brand and opens up new locations, as well as the efficiency of the process once a trusting working relationship is established.
  • How Iva has designed a range of popular furniture products in collaboration with Grazia & Co, and her tips for other architects who are interested in exploring retail product design as a secondary revenue stream.
If you’d like to learn more about IF Architecture, you can visit ifarchitecture.com.au and have a look at their beautiful new website. You can also follow IF on Instagram @ifarchitecture

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IF Architecture
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