Vokes and Peters

Stuart Vokes and Aaron Peters are the Directors of Vokes and Peters, a Brisbane-based practice founded in 2015 that has produced a significant body of award-winning projects across Australia.

In this episode, Stuart, Aaron and I discussed:
  • Why the studio believes engaging with the profession, and immersing themselves in their passion for architecture through books, travel and teaching, have contributed to a more sustainable and quality design practice.
  • How Aaron and Stuart value the role of the ‘caring critic’ in their partnership, and why they believe it’s essential to have honest feedback to continue improving and growing as an architect.
  • Why the studio focuses on writing, essays, and an upcoming book as helpful processes for clarifying their thinking, reflecting on their work and attracting like-minded clients.
  • The reasons the practice has lost interest in Instagram over time as the platform has moved from being a place to socialise and share ideas, to just another channel for promoting finished project images.
If you’d like to learn more about Vokes and Peters, you can visit vokesandpeters.com. You can also follow Stuart on Instagram at @stuart_vokesandpeters and Aaron at @aaron_vokesandpeters

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Vokes and Peters
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