Milieu Property

Michael McCormack is the Managing Director of Milieu, a creative property development company based in Melbourne. Milieu are known for their award-winning projects such as Napier Street by Edition Office, Whitlam Place by Freadman White and Breese Street by DKO and Breathe Architecture.

In this episode, Michael and I spoke about:
  • How Milieu commissions a broad range of content such as photography, film, modelmaking and graphic design as the foundation of their marketing and content strategy.
  • The qualities Michael looks for in an architecture practice they are considering for one of their multi-residential projects.
  • Why Michael believes it’s important to tell the stories of their project occupants years after they have moved in, rather than just focusing on the perfect image once the project is completed.
  • The steps Milieu took to better understand their values as a company, and how they communicate that to the public through their marketing.
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Milieu Property
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